The sound of silence

So, now that I'm no longer sick, the Mrs. is. It's apparently a infection of the trachea. it was very painful few nights ago, and she (nor I) didn't sleep much. But she now has antibiotics and strong painkillers, so she's managing.

One of the things the infcetion has caused is that she can't talk. She can manage a faint whisper, but that's about it. So she communicates through writing and signs instead. So our household has been quite silent recently.

Related to this: I'm quite pissed at my mother in-law right now. She was the person who gave this to the Mrs. And she also infected her grandfather as well. Quick note: if you are ill, don't go marching around infecting other people! I would guess that the Mrs. has better things to do that to lie in bed crying because her throat feels like it's burning.

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