Am I part of the teeming horde?

Everyone seems to have a blog these days. They even talk about them in the media. So I got a blog as well! A place to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions! My own little corner on the net! Or, so they say.

Does blogging mean that I'm part of a teeming horde? Am I now magically part of a greater community? Is anyone really interested in hearing what I have to say? Maybe. After all, chatting with complete strangers on the net is very popular indeed (at least it was back in.... 1995. Oh jeez!). Instead of having a casual chat, maybe some people want to read deeper (or not so deep) thoughts by others as well? Maybe.

Maybe I should be ashamed because I consider myself to be a techie and a nerd (I carry that label as a badge of honor), yet I got a blog when everyone and their grandma already had a blog. Hell, maybe I'll get in to podcasting in 2009! Does this mean that I'm out of the loop, or do I simply have better things to do? Is it a good thing that I finally have a blog, or does it say good things about my person that it took me this long to get a blog? In the beginning, having a blog meant that you were "different". These days, not having ablog means that you are different.

But on the other hand, I have never really cared about trends and fashionable things. Maybe I'm naive enough to believe that I have something worthwhile to say?



dr witmol said...

Getting a blog is one thing, keeping it updated in a fresh and interesting manner is quite another. You seem to be doing well, though - I'm still lagging behind on mine. Life goes on, as they say (whoever they are).

oot said...

Hey, I read it at least...